Day 3

When new seasons of life come I tend to go overboard in adding new rules and rhythms and structures to my day. I do yoga with the kids one morning and then I decide that I should do yoga EVERY day, and then that becomes the rule before I’ve even proven that I can possibly follow it. I blog once during the kids’ tv time and BAM! I must repeat the process. I listen to a podcast with my headphones on once while I’m cooking dinner and…you get the picture.

And before I know it I’ve dogmatically scheduled out my entire every day with an accumulation of things I felt rejuvenated by once, and then I remember that I still have to work, and grocery shop, and maintain relationships (not to mention all the other random things I need to get done, like repainting the radiators). And that’s when I get overwhelmed. And that’s when I quit.

But that’s me: all or nothing. I’m accomplishing EVERYTHING, or – when I realize I can’t keep it up for long – I’m so downcast that I accomplish only the bare minimum.

So this (short) post is a testament to finding a middle ground. Maybe if I make each task smaller I’ll be able to accomplish AND rejuvenate without the overwhelming and quitting part. I guess we’ll see.



One thought on “Day 3

  1. Ah the priorities take over some times! Sometimes fun and relaxation is most important . sometimes house work is. And the kids grow up and will be in school for six hrs in 2-3 yrs. You made it to 5 and 3 yrs of age!!! And you did a wonderful job. Pat yourself on the back and be thankful!! I know that you are thankful. I will volunteer to bring paper plates if you like but I think u like the challenge of camping in yr house. One time my sister in law and 3 kids, camped out in her house for 3 weeks with nothing because the moving vans didnt make it across country from MA. to Oregon. They told them their stuff was lost. No cell phones then. Sometimes life is an adventure and you dont even have to go anywhere. xx ps. I am enjoying your blogs, thanks.


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