Day 10

We had a friend couple over for dinner last night, even though all we have to cook with is our makeshift kitchen. It was refreshing! We made vegan chili in the crock pot and washed all the prep dishes before our guests arrived so we could just enjoy conversation late into the evening. This was the first time they’d seen our house since the start of the renovation, and both of them commented with enthusiasm about our smaller space and all the neat systems we’ve put in place to make it functional (Laura is an event planner and decorator and Andrew is a cook, so affirmation from them felt good).

My affinity for having a smaller house hasn’t waned yet. I’m sure it still could, but so far I’m really enjoying it. When we bought this house we were hosting dinners, meetings, and other events at home several times a week, so having a big house with lots of nooks and crannies for people to melt into was attractive.

But having people over for dinner slowed down when our second kid was born. Hosting meetings went out the window last year when our church got an official office space. And now our church isn’t meeting in homes anymore (at least for now) so most of the time our house seems way too big for us.

As such, I’ll confess that I’m a little nervous I’ll miss the smaller house when this project is over. But let’s not go overboard on that. I know it’ll be nice to have a downstairs bathroom. It’ll be wonderful to get a kitchen sink back (two in fact, if I get my way). And I can’t wait, especially at this time of year, to get my oven back (pies, cinnamon rolls, acorn squash, apple crisp, etc.). So since we don’t plan to move anytime soon, we’ll just have to combat the tiny-house nostalgia by inviting lots of people over on a regular basis. Anyone want to come for dinner?!

(P.S. – Every year around this time [ever since I was pregnant with Augie] I get a horrible case of hives. I don’t have a clue what I’m apparently allergic to, but whatever it is comes out in September and makes my life miserable. Ahhhh! I just want to scratch my skin off! Why this is relevant is because I’m taking a lot of Benedryl, so if this post doesn’t make any sense, blame it on the drugs.)


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