Day 3

When new seasons of life come I tend to go overboard in adding new rules and rhythms and structures to my day. I do yoga with the kids one morning and then I decide that I should do yoga EVERY day, and then that becomes the rule before I’ve even proven that I can possibly follow it. I blog once during the kids’ tv time and BAM! I must repeat the process. I listen to a podcast with my headphones on once while I’m cooking dinner and…you get the picture.

And before I know it I’ve dogmatically scheduled out my entire every day with an accumulation of things I felt rejuvenated by once, and then I remember that I still have to work, and grocery shop, and maintain relationships (not to mention all the other random things I need to get done, like repainting the radiators). And that’s when I get overwhelmed. And that’s when I quit.

But that’s me: all or nothing. I’m accomplishing EVERYTHING, or – when I realize I can’t keep it up for long – I’m so downcast that I accomplish only the bare minimum.

So this (short) post is a testament to finding a middle ground. Maybe if I make each task smaller I’ll be able to accomplish AND rejuvenate without the overwhelming and quitting part. I guess we’ll see.



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